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This is a the only black ink in Noodler’s Warden Series of bulletproof/fraud-resistant inks designed to pe impervious (or nearly so) to the most recent development in check fraud: FRICKIN’ LASERS.

It’s a fantastic utilitarian ink. It works well in flex pens (though sometimes there are flow issues if the [flex] pen is on the dry side), but it’s no art ink. Pointed dip nibs are a no-no. It’s meant to be used to ensure security, not be pretty. It’s got a slight green tinge when spread with a q-tip, and it’s a very “black” black ink, easily the darkest and most opaque in my black ink arsenal. The drawback for its permanence? Long dry times on ink-resistant paper (such as Rhodia).

Noodler's Bad Black Moccasin (Medium)