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Or Eitherwaythatdamnistoodamnlong.

Any way, I got a small bottle and am trying it out on some parts. For this little experiment I followed the directions included with the bottle. The cap got a soapy ammonia solution/water scrub (roughly 1:1*). I then let it dry for a day and applied the dye.

Photo Oct 24, 2 14 19 AM

Photo Oct 24, 8 17 58 AM

Photo Oct 24, 8 27 09 AM

I’m not considering this an official test, and I do have a working HR pen that will get the PMBHRPASDJKALSFMVMDUHWRMEPOISDFJSDNFSDFKKPN9 treatment in earnest.

*I forget the dilution ratio for the ammonia solution you can buy at stores, but the 1:1 is (store-bought ammonia solution)/(water). Sometimes it can get confusing because people aren’t sure if you mean the actual content of ammonia or a percentage of ammonia solution.