Sheen-Heavy Ink: A Fun Tidbit


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Something I’ve been meaning to post about for a while is a strange phenomenon that occurs when sheen-prone ink is at the last but of a pen’s fill (i.e., still able to write but going to need a refill very soon).

Sheeny inks’, well, sheen appears to concentrate itself on the page when the pen is running low. I’m guessing this has to do with evaporation, as diluting sheeny ink will do the opposite.

It’s a really fun thing to have happen, if somewhat unpredictable.

Here’s a sample of Sailor Sky High in a Waterman 52½V that was running low. You can see the intense sheen on the “Wa”, and the lessened amount on the “ter…”, which is when I stopped and refilled.


Just one more thing that makes fountain pens awesome. 🙂

Pensbury Manor Black Hard Rubber Pen Potion No. 9


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Or Eitherwaythatdamnistoodamnlong.

Any way, I got a small bottle and am trying it out on some parts. For this little experiment I followed the directions included with the bottle. The cap got a soapy ammonia solution/water scrub (roughly 1:1*). I then let it dry for a day and applied the dye.

Photo Oct 24, 2 14 19 AM

Photo Oct 24, 8 17 58 AM

Photo Oct 24, 8 27 09 AM

I’m not considering this an official test, and I do have a working HR pen that will get the PMBHRPASDJKALSFMVMDUHWRMEPOISDFJSDNFSDFKKPN9 treatment in earnest.

*I forget the dilution ratio for the ammonia solution you can buy at stores, but the 1:1 is (store-bought ammonia solution)/(water). Sometimes it can get confusing because people aren’t sure if you mean the actual content of ammonia or a percentage of ammonia solution.

Good news on the “save the gold” front!


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Last night I emailed J. Herbin expressing my disappointment that the original formulation of Rouge Hematite is not made anymore, and this morning I was surprised to find a response email waiting for me. I’m very happy to say that it looks like the awesome original formula is coming back!!! 😀

Here’s the text if the email:

The manufacturer is going to bring back the original red ink. I do not have
a time table yet! Thank you for writing; I am forwarding your mail to Herbin right now.

Thank you J. Herbin for listening to us! You’ve made me a very happy boy today.

So Montblanc’s made a new safety pen.


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Picture 2

What do you think? I would say I’m excited to test it, but as much as I like fountain pens I can’t spend an entire paycheck on one that doesn’t shoot darts and/or fire.

A… *gulp* flexible IPG nib???


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Okay, maybe not flexible, but certainly it is soft—soft enough to get some beautiful variation out of it. But heck, it’s not even an I-P-G nib. In my best Kahn Souphanousinphone voice, “I SEE NO ‘G’!

Photo Aug 09, 6 38 20 AM

It’s remarkably thinner than my other IPG nibs. There’s a lot of tipping material, which makes me think this one might actually be from Germany (I’ve seen real German “IPG” nibs with no “G” before).

Photo Aug 09, 6 42 29 AM

The pen it’s on is an interesting Ohto Dude. Definitely a pleasurable writing experience! The ink is Noodler’s Walnut.

Photo Aug 09, 6 41 21 AM

The Great Importance of Frequent Flushing


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Here’s an Ambassador fountain pen with a fantastic “Warranted” 14k nib. Unfortunately, while it’s one of my favorites to write with, it got shoved to the back of the drawer.

So when I pulled it out to use it, the once vibrant and beautiful Diamine Sargasso Sea had , well, congealed into one big clog.


So let this be a lesson for you, flush often, flush well.