About FCP

This is a blog run by me, Mike, where I review various inks and pens, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Please also visit my Youtube channel.

Five Cat Penagerie on Youtube


5 thoughts on “About FCP”

  1. What ink did you use to write “Five Cat Penagerie?” Wonderful stuff!

  2. Thanks! The logo/title thingy was J. Herbin Vert Réséda. If I remember correctly (I wrote it over two years ago) I was using a Noodler’s Creaper on cotton paper, and then I pooled more ink onto the lower sections and used a straw to blow it away. But take warning, because I think the colors were a little over-processed when I was editing the picture. 🙂

    • Oh well, I actually just bought a creeper today so I’m happy to see some decent variation for such an affordable pen.

      Did you have to draw the script after tinkering with the pen, or have you not tinkered with it out of the box? I heard that the 2nd gen creepers have a slightly different feed, and now more flat and box, whereas the first gen was actually rounder.

      The shape of the feeder, I gathered, meant the 1st gen pens were actually hand set, and probably needed tinkering out of the box, whereas now the newer creepers have decent variation and ink flow right out of the box.

      I need to get my hands on some Apache Sunset and some Cotton paper….. 🙂

  3. Hello Mike:

    Delightful website. Just found it on an ink hunt.

    As a kid I found my first Waterman 52 in a church garage sale & had my first discovery of a flexible nib. It has been an ongoing pursuit to enjoy writing ever since.

    Question: When you review ink you show a diluted version. A thinned down watermans absolute brown looks like the color of ink I have been looking for since I finished my last bottle of Artone Sepia brown around 1979. ( And I bought the last 6 in the store around 1973. Darn that was a good ink.. )

    What are you diluting the ink with ?

    I’d certainly appreciate your thoughts.

    Here’s to handwriting enthusiasm…….

    Jaan Hjorth

    • Hi there, Jaan. Sorry for the delay in answering. The diluted samples in my review are unfortunately about the only thing that’s not consistent. The diluted samples are the last I do in reviews. My normal course of action is to dump the remaining ink back into the bottle, suck up a bit of distiller water, shake, then carefully push the diluted mixture in the piston back through the feed to push out excess water. Hope this helps!

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