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I’m incredibly excited to be debuting my first SPONSORED ink review! The ink for this review was graciously provided by JetPens.com. This particular ink is a very bright, happy light(ish) green with good shading and consistent performance. You can find it for sale on JetPens.com, right here.

Photo Apr 14, 8 57 02 PM

IMG_7528 - Version 2

Here are some comparisons with other green inks:

IMG_7530 - Version 2

IMG_7533 - Version 2

And some not so green (disregard the typo about blue ink):

IMG_7535 - Version 2

And on some common papers:

IMG_7542 - Version 2

IMG_7542 - Version 4

IMG_7542 - Version 3

And lastly, the torture tests. Though it fought admirably against acetone and alcohol, it didn’t fair well at all against water and ammonia (and, of course, bleach obliterated it, but that’s hardly uncommon for most inks). The faint writing on the bottom of the page reads “Ten Minute Soak”. Obviously this ink wasn’t meant for Seattle.

IMG_7537 - Version 2

So, if I had to nitpick, what would I change about it?

Well, I’m a big sheen fan, so obviously I’d love it to have more of that, but the fact that it doesn’t isn’t a negative in and of itself. I have found that, with the exception of their iron gall inks, Rohrer & Klingner inks seem to be more prone to feathering than most other “up market” inks, even on Rhodia. Feathering is one thing, but bleedout just annoys the heck out of me (see the “Brause” sample). Again, this seems pretty common with R&K inks.

I like to again thank JetPens for making this review possible! I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for years, and in fact my very first bottle of fountain ink was purchased from them—J. Herbin Vert Réséda (along with several Brause nibs that thoroughly annoyed me until I figured out how to play them like Charlie Daniels plays his fiddle). I don’t take recommending online shops lightly, and there are few that I will do business with on a regular basis, and JetPens has been one of those, years before I was contacted about a sponsored review. 🙂